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This original wood painting, entitled "As We Metamorph Through The Metaverse," is a one-of-a-kind original piece in collaboration by Nico and Psycho J. Painted using high-quality acrylic and spray paint on canvas, the painting features a butterfly with the artist's signature gradient pixels as wooden layers. Measuring 48 inches wide, the work is offered with hand painted gradient pixels on the wall by Nico for collectors who are interested.

As We Metamorph Through The Metaverse (Psycho J Collab)

  • Title: "As We Metamorph Through The Metaverse" (Psycho J Collab)

    Year: 2021

    Medium: Spray Paint and Acrylic on Wood

    Dimensions: 48 inches wide

    Markings: Signed by the artists.

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